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Why Study Abroad?

  • Reason 1
    Cheaper and better value

    Cheaper than studying at some of the expensive universities in India.

    The top Indian colleges and universities charge you lakhs to crores for a good education. Studying abroad may appear a little expensive at first, but after completing the course you will be able to earn a handsome salary and repay your study expenses within 1-2 years on average.

    The salary of a new graduate abroad is equivalent to someone with 10 years of work experience in India. Think about it!

  • Reason 2
    Higher quality of education

    Not many universities in India qualify among the top institutions globally.

    Some of the best institutes in India, such as IIMs, IITs, etc, are reasonably good, but according to the website, www.topuniversities.com, they still don’t feature among the top 100 in the world. The method of education abroad is radically different from what you will find in India. Education abroad places emphasis on practicality and the application of knowledge over rote learning. No wonder then that new graduates command such high salaries!

  • Reason 3
    Safe and secure

    Institutes abroad make the safety and security of students their number one priority.

    Most parents and students are concerned about safety and well-being and that is a good thing. How many institutes in India offer step-by-step career guidance? Physical and psychological counselling? ‘Buddy’ systems that ensure a fresher’s well-being is promoted? Most universities abroad offer some form of these services that protect a student’s safety and security.

  • Reason 4
    Prepares you for a global career

    When you study abroad, you are preparing yourself to take up a career in any part of the world.

    Today, society is global. With the advent of the internet, social media and technology, the world has truly shrunk. Today, with dedication and hard work, you can achieve almost anything. The only thing that may affect your career is where you have completed your education. Even the best student from a college in a rural part of India does not achieve the same level of success as an average student from a college in a big city. Ever considered that?

  • Reason 5
    Opportunity of a lifetime

    Make friends and grow your professional network with people from all over the world.

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have friends in different parts of the world? Having a chance to visit them after you’ve completed your education? Making connections that last a lifetime? Expand the horizons of your life and make your dreams come true by studying abroad.

Students Testimonials

Listen to the students who have made their goal of studying abroad come true. Listen to their experiences. What you will hear is how joyful, happy and satisfied they are.

To think and feel differently you must take a different path, something that will make you feel special and bring out the real you. Your path, your journey.

It takes courage and commitment to make your aspirations come true. And remember, when you need help, just ask and you will be given it.

Your Dreams Are Waiting For You. What Are You Waiting For?

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