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Average Time

It usually takes nine to twelve months to complete an international admission process. During this time you will need to arrange academic transcripts, financial statements, legal travel documents and similar items. So, start early.

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List Choices

Determine where your interests lie and whether the subject you choose will still be viable in five years’ time. If so, select the course and the universities and countries to which you wish to apply.

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Eligibility Criteria

Check to see you meet the qualification criteria for the particular university. Requirements differ according to countries, universities and courses. Make sure your Indian degree and medium of instruction are accepted with your application.

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English Tests

Most universities require you to take English language tests to prove your proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. You’ll have to obtain a certain minimum score depending on the type of course you have chosen.

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Admission Applications

Apply to a minimum of three to five universities. Obtain offer letters from these universities at least six months in advance of the course start date. Use the offer letter to arrange finance and travel documents.

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It takes time to compile the documents from 10th grade all the way to graduation, including transcripts for each year of study. Keep your SOP (Statement of Purpose) and LOR (Letter of Recommendation) prepared and polished.

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Financial Preparedness

Once your application has been accepted, use the offer letter to apply for a scholarship and/or an education loan. Most universities and colleges allow you to pay tuition fees in easy instalments, every semester or trimester. If you have any questions, speak to us.

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Travel Process

The most important thing to remember when applying for a legal travel documents is that obtaining an admission offer letter from a university is no guarantee that you will receive a positive response from the embassy. This includes C/D Stamp, F type, Type 4, etc, depending on the country to which you apply.

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Legal Documents

To be successful in traveling abroad, you will need supporting documents: evidence of finance to pay tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance, living expenses, sponsorship letter, etc. Don’t leave the process to the last moment: seek advice before you start applying to universities.

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Dream Comes True

Start thinking about student halls, foreign exchange, insurance, flight tickets, etc. Seek our expert advice and guidance to make the journey easy.

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